What is a domain name?

The first thing you need to do is decide on what domain name you’ll use for your website.The domain name is the address of your website, eg: www.xyzbusiness.ie

Typically, a good domain name would be short (max 3 words) and it should describe what you do.Examples:

  • brennansolicitors.ie
  • murphyplumbing.ie
  • trendhairsalon.ie

Now think of 3 suggestions for your domain name…

When you reach Step 3 enter the suggestions on the Web Builder Form. List the 3 names in order of preference; No.1 being your favourite choice. Remember to check that these names are not already taken by typing them into your browser (or Google the name and see if it comes up). Very often .COM domains are hard to get unless it’s a very original name, .IE domains are better for local businesses.

Why choose .ie ?

The .ie domain helps identify you as a local Irish business which is very important to many online customers who like to know they’re dealing with a company that have a nearby base.

To acquire your .ie domain simply email us the domain you would like (enter this on the Web Builder Form). We will check that it’s not already taken and if it’s available we will then need you to send us your company registration number. If you haven’t registered your company name yet or maybe you are an individual creating a site for a hobby etc then don’t worry, we can still register your domain, just let us know your business status on the Web Builder Form.