What else do you need to know?

Why choose worldwideweb.ie to build my website?

Our ambition is to get every individual, small business, tradesperson or club a strong presence online where they can advertise and share with the World! Importantly, we recognise the lack of funds usually available to these individuals so we have developed a tailored, high end, but inexpensive website solution to get all these people online. Our websites are small but have a big impact, they may be cheap but as you’ll see from the sample templates they certainly don’t look cheap! The technology used isn’t cheap either – all our websites come with a full control panel which allows you to fully edit and develop the site further yourself afterwards. This is an excellent way to get a top class website online in a matter of days, at a really low cost.

What is a domain name?

Put simply this is the name of your website and it’s the online ‘address’ of your site. The domain name is the one unique link to your identity online, so it’s very important before your launch your new site that you’ve had a good think about what to call it. In our opinion it’s best to try keep a domain short (max 3 words) but also to have enough in there to describe what you do.

An example of a domain name is www.murphyplumbing.ie or www.marysflorist.com

You may have purchased a domain already – let us know what that domain is when you fill in the Web Builder Form below.

If you need us to help you pick and register a suitable domain click here 

Should I use a .com or .ie domain name?

.com is generally used for commercial businesses but it is often difficult to find one that’s not already taken!

.ie helps identify you as a local Irish business which is very important to many online customers who like to know they’re dealing with a company that have a nearby base.

For more info on domains go here.

What is hosting?

Hosting is the term used to describe the space where your site – all it’s data files (text, images etc) and components are stored. Every website needs hosting. It is recommended you keep your hosting with your web designer – this way you only have one place to contact for any issues to do with your website. When you host with us, you can be assured all the parts of your website are backed up daily on a secure server so as you add more information you can feel safe in the knowledge that your data is securely backed up. Beware of companies offering very low cost hosting – very often these are hosted outside of the country and it can often be very difficult to contact someone should there me any problems with your domain, the hosting or the website. World Wide Web is an Irish registered company and it’s easy to contact us by email or by phone (speak to a helpful real person!!) – see our contact details here.

How long does it take to build my website?

When you have sent us the complete Web Builder Form and deposit payment, your site typically will be live within 5 working days. It’s important you send us all the info together as we can’t start building the site until we have all your details.

I’m not very good at writing the text for my site, can you help with that?

We have a web content writer who can help you write all the text for your website. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, our copywriter will contact you and through a process of questions and answers and some other research, will write high quality, professional text for your complete site. This service will incur an extra cost (available on application) but if you want to get your site done quickly and haven’t the time or the writing skills to do it yourself, then a professional copywriter will make a huge difference to your presence online.

I’m not sure I like any of the 4 templates on offer, can I see more?

We can design more template styles for you to consider – although this will incur an extra cost. Our aim is to get you started online with a professional website at low cost, you can always develop the site later as your business grows and you have more funds available!

I don’t have a company logo, what do I do?

We can simply use a suitable font to put your name at the top of the site – with the right style and colour scheme it can function perfectly as a logo until you decide to get a proper logo designed in the future. Alternatively we can look at designing a logo for you, see here for more information.

What about ‘SEO’ and how do I get my site to the front page of Google?

The process of getting your website to the top of the search engines is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). All our websites have a basic SEO set up – so the sites are built to allow you to fully develop an SEO strategy into the future.

It does take time, especially for a new website to gain traction on online search engines (Google, Yahoo etc). You need to have good text content on your site and the site needs to be responsive (mobile friendly) – which our sites are, and you need to keep the site up-to-date with new and relevant information uploaded on a regular basis.

In addition you could use Google Adwords, where you can pay to get listed on top of the front page of Google. This is usually referred to as Pay Per Click Advertising.

When properly utilised, search engine optimization gives small businesses an opportunity to compete at the same level as larger corporations.

The website cost is very cheap, are there any ‘hidden costs’?

We have tailored our websites specifically to ensure the cost is low to the customer. Your main cost is the once off fee of €499+vat for the site design and build. After that you do have to host your site (ie, store it on a server) and you will also have to have a domain registered – both of which are an annual fee that we all have to pay. Hosting costs €120+vat per year and a .ie domain is €50+vat per year.

You’ll never need to pay anymore unless at some later date you want to develop the site more, add more features or update the overall style. Over the years the site may need some small maintenance and, like with all software, there will be upgrades required in the site’s coding to keep the site secure and trouble free.

Where do I go for more information?

Please don’t hestiate to contact us for any query you have relating to your website build. We are a local company, and unlike many online web builder sites, you can talk to a real person anytime who’ll be very happy to take your call. Please use one of the following contact options:


• Enquiries to start a new website: sales@worldwideweb.ie

• Queries relating to a worldwideweb site you have just purchased: support@worldwideweb.ie



Call our friendly staff who will help you now over the phone: 021 243 1200

Please note, queries relating to use of the website’s CMS (Content Management System) MUST be sent by email only to : support@worldwideweb.ie